About The Gentlemens Tour

About Us:

Chris Garretson

Chris grew up in Los Angeles with his parents and sister Rachael. After growing up in a pretty typical American household, he decided to get out of dodge and opted to attend the University of Texas at Austin to pursue his passions of music production and digital communication.

He graduated in 2010 with dual degrees in the aforementioned fields and spent the next few years living in Austin playing in his band Drifter and working for a digital agency, Vision Marketing, as an Art Director. Interested in Men’s Lifestyle, Travel, and Web Development, he decided to partner up with his long time friend, Lance Davis, to create The Gentlemens Tour. Chris now lives in New York City where he works as a digital image and web development consultant. He is active in the indie/electronic scene as both a performer/sound engineer as well. Any chance Chris gets, he’s traveling, and usually on two wheels.