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Secret Ways Men Spend Their Free Time

Everyone knows about men’s’ favorite pastimes which includes sports and hobbies like hunting and fishing. But there are other things that men do in their spare time that does not get much attention. This is partly because they will often keep these activities on the down low.

This does not mean that they are ashamed of them, only that they don’t want to advertise everything that they do, so they can maintain an air of mystery, Here are a few of the things that men do in secret in their free time.

Playing Online Slots

Playing slots is not just for little old ladies with buckets of coins. You might be surprised to learn that many of those who play are men, and many of those men are middle aged or older millennials. Men love to pay slots because they offer an immediate payoff and the odds can be great to win some money. There is also the chance to get huge bonuses meaning you can walk away sometimes with a fortune if you hit the right set of pictures. If you walk into a casino however and look for the men playing slots, you might be disappointed, because most of the men are playing slot games online.

Window Shopping

Men are not usually thought to window shop, but men actually spend quite a bit of energy on this pastime. They go to malls and look at the new fashions, so they can plan out what to add to or eliminate from their wardrobe. They might even go into several stores to try clothes on alone, so they can tell whether a new look actually looks good on them, or if they should skip the trend altogether. They also do mall sitting where they look at the fashions that other men are wearing to make sure they have their fashion wardrobe intact. Window shopping offers men a chance to take some chances without being judged.

This works the opposite for women who will often go in groups to window shop. They try on clothing and get the group’s opinions before they make a purchase. And even if the group loves the outfit, the woman still will not likely purchase it.

Reading Women’s Magazines

This might sound like an odd thing for a man to do, until you really think about it and then realize that it makes a lot of sense;. Men understand that women are very different and the likelihood of figuring them out without any help is slight at best, so the thing to do to understand women better is to read the magazines that write about them. Whether it is Cosmo, Vogue, or Marie Claire, they offer a treasure trove of insight into how women think and what is important to them. Men use this information to formulate how to attract women and keep their relationships going smoothly. When they have a problem they cannot understand, they will rely on women’s periodicals to help them gain insight. They are also great for helping men to come up with gift and vacation ideas. All in all these magazines provide a valuable resource for the average man.

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