Ideas to Make Your Bachelor Party Go Off In Style 

As best man for my friend’s upcoming LA wedding, I was charged recently with the duty of organizing his bachelor party, something which worried me more than giving the best man speech itself. I spent a great deal researching ways in which we could light up Los Angeles for our bachelor party and eventually I realized that we were going to need at least a weekend to squeeze it all in. I know now from experience that organizing these kind of parties is not easy and so I wanted to give you a few ideas of the things that we looked at or did, for my buddy’s bachelor party.


I think it’s really important that your bachelor party has a theme behind it which people can get involved in. Our theme was James Bond style, dinner jackets, smart suits, classy drinks and of course we also took the chance to use a limo service Los Angeles weren’t ready for us!! The idea of a theme is a real ice breaker and if you can get everyone dressed up for the evening or indeed for the weekend, then you are already likely to have a great time.


My friends and I are highly competitive and so I felt as though that should feature somewhere in proceedings. My plan was that on the Saturday, we would have our very own bachelor olympics which featured silly sports games, drinking games like beer pong and even some intellectual stuff at the end like quizzes. The olympics idea was brilliant and it got everyone involved in proceedings. There were many people on the bachelor party who did not know each other and this was the perfect way of getting them to team up and get competitive.

Main Event

If you try to meticulously plan the nights out, you are going to run into difficulty as a large group of inebriated men are often hard to control and pin down. For this reason I decided that on the Friday night and the Saturday night, we would have one main event towards the end of the night. I basically told the group that you can do whatever you want but be in X location and X time. As it happened everyone stayed together the whole time but I have been on plenty of bachelor parties where that did not happen.


What would a bachelor party be without a good prank or two? That is exactly what we did with my buddy when we booked him into the roughest hotel in LA and then Facetimed him from our plush accommodation. The pranks which you pull do not have to be as extreme as changing someone’s name by deed poll or sending them off on a boat to Nova Scotia, the idea is just to get a few digs in, just like good friends should. As long as your prank features a little bit of embarrassment, you should be just fine.

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