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Your Las Vegas Car Accident Attorney Checklist

When you are injured physically or psychologically, as a result of the wrongdoing or negligence of a driver of an automobile, you have the right to instigate a personal injury lawsuit against that person. There are laws in each state that define how you can proceed with a lawsuit and each set of laws falls under civil statutes that the injured person must follow.

An attorney in that state should be contacted who can assist you with your case, because personal injury claims are always complicated, detailed and demanding. A best course of action is for you to hire an attorney from the city where your injury has occurred because that law firm will know the courts, judges and procedures that are common. For Las Vegas Nevada, you need a top car accident attorney in Las Vegas to represent you in your personal injury claim.

But, selecting the right attorney who has the perfect set of qualities is tough. Here is a list of qualities the right lawyer will have: Provide a free but comprehensive consultation about your case and then offer a swift, and thorough assessment of your claim, with a detailed estimation of its strengths, weaknesses and merits.

Have Experience in Your Type of Case

You want to work with a skilled attorney who has a track record for winning your type of case. There is no substitute for experience and skill and you need both. So ask the attorney about her experience and success and use this as a gauge to see if they can likely do a great job for you.


The attorney should take you through their approach for handling your case and deliver this information to you in a simple and easy to understand manner. The legal system operates with its own language and flow and as a layman you will not understand the language or procedures. Your attorney should be able to keep it simple form the first day you meet.

Extremely Organized

There will be lots of details in your case so organization is a primary quality. Check the attorney’s law firm and office. Is it neat? Is he always prepared and ready with any paperwork? Does she seem scattered and always behind? You need someone who is on top of things and is in front of issues. Organization helps this to happen.


The attorney should never wait for things to happen. Instead he or she should initiate action. This could mean investigations, compiling documentary and photographic evidence, taking testimony and depositions from eye-witnesses. Locating expert witnesses to corroborate or dispute any information presented in your case.

Brings in Experts from the Firm

Each law firm has lawyers on staff, who are experts in different areas of law and it is likely that your case will take a few of these experts. You attorney should bring these people on, as part of your team, introduce them to you and make them available whenever you need to communicate with them.

You should interview any potential Las Vegas car accident attorney before you hire them and make sure that you are comfortable with them, their firm and how they treat you. You case will likely take six months or more so these are people you will have in your life for some time. Make sure you are happy with them and have confidence they will do a great job.


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