Top Tips On Getting Over A Divorce

A divorce is a situation which nobody wants to be in but sadly it is an unfortunate fact of life, not for everyone of course, but it divorce rates have risen rapidly in recent years. If you have found yourself in the middle of a divorce then it is important that you do all that you can to look after yourself, whilst the divorce proceedings are taking place. This is a time of great sadness and great stress, but managing it in the right way can help you to come out of the other side, with some hope and optimism about you future. Speaking from experience then, I wanted to give you some top tips on how to cope with, and get over your divorce.

Legal Team

I cannot stress enough how important it is to get a great legal team to manage your divorce case. I was fortunate enough to have the fantastic Groth & Associates, family lawyers who really helped me out during this difficult time. A good legal team are not just there to help ensure that your divorce proceedings go as smoothly as possible, they are also there to help you through this process. Getting a great legal team can really help you to stay strong during the tough times.

Alone Time

Closing the curtains and shutting the world out completely is not recommended, but I would recommend that you make sure that you make some time to spend with yourself. After years of marriage, and now a stressful time with the divorce, it is really important that you spend that time, compartmentalising what has happened, and learning to love yourself again. Make sure that you pencil in some time each week, to do something on your own.


Getting out and about can be tough after a divorce, you may have lost friends, you will have lost your partner and starting afresh can feel strange and uncomfortable. It is exactly for this reason that I would recommend that you get out and socialise sooner rather than later as this will actually help you get through this time. Try to pick up a new hobby where you can be active and do something different, and meet people at the same time. This is not about meeting the next love of your life, it is about learning how to go out on your own, and start again.

Cut Ties

After the divorce is all said and done, it is time to cut ties with your ex-partner. Holding on to the past in anyway will actually hold you back from moving on with your life and whilst this can be a painful process, it is absolutely necessary. If there are children involved then of course you will be required to stay in touch, I would view this as nothing more than a business transaction between two people, speak when it is necessary and be amicable when discussing your child, other than that, the person should be erased from your life.

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