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Common plastic surgery procedures and what they entail

Thousands of plastic surgery procedures are taking place daily worldwide and it has become a lot more popular and affordable for many people, meaning more people are opting in for surgery. It´s obvious that because surgery is a medical procedure that people wish to hire a company who performs good practice such as Sono Bello since the surgery will most likely be permanent. Many people are unaware of the types of surgery that are available and affordable to the public, here are a few of the most common


Liposuction has been around for many years, recently, it has become more popular and affordable for the working man and woman. It is the process of siphoning fat from an area of the body in order to make it less bloated. You will find that many celebrities, although not publicly open about it, have undertaken this form of liposuction surgery in order to keep themselves looking great when in front of the paparazzi.


Another extremely popular method of surgery available, in which, usually aging, people take to their surgeon in order to tighten the skin on their face and reduce and sagging or wrinkles that come with old age. Again, many aging celebrities are rumored to have had this surgery in order to preserve their looks. In fact, it is almost a sure thing that when a celeb was clearly aging on a photo from 2015 and the next photo you see of them in 2017 they are somehow looking 10 or 15 years younger, that they had a facelift.

Hair transplant

A hair transplant in this day and age is now completely flawless for both men and women. Thirty years ago, they were available but the results often looked artificial and it was extremely obvious that someone had undertaken the surgery. Now thousands of people are deciding to go ahead and put hair on their head where it no longer is. Using a great surgeon will ensure a natural looking head of hair along with minimal scarring

Breast reduction/enhancement

Breast enhancements or reductions are very common these days due to the fact that they very safe procedures along with being much cheaper than a few years ago. Some women wish to reduce the size of their breasts due to back problems while others wish to change the shape or make them bigger. A great surgeon can perform this type of operation and leave little to no scarring on the patient and many surgeries are accepting the monthly payment plans as mentioned above,


Rhinoplasty is the process of changing the appearance of one’s nose. Noses come in all shapes and sizes and it´s not uncommon for someone to dislike the appearance of their nose, so this surgery popular among the population of the united states and globally. It offers the ability to make your nose smaller, bigger, reshape, thin or thicken the nose.

The above are just some of the more popular surgeries that are common but remember to think long and hard about exactly what changes you want to make to your body because in some cases you can´t go back!

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