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Dean Toriumi Reviews the pros and cons of revision rhinoplasty for health reasons

Dean Toriumi Reviews what you need to focus on when considering revision rhinoplasty. So you have been and had your rhinoplasty or nose job as you may describe it to your friends, but you are still not happy it’s still too big or a little bumpy and it is all you can see when you look at your face. Maybe there have been medical issues since the surgery and you are finding it hard to breathe. This article wishes to discuss revision rhinoplasty for medical reasons.

If this rings an over loud bell for you then maybe you could consider revision rhinoplasty, reconstructive surgery to put things right. It is believed that one in 7 nose jobs require revisions for various reasons a lot of which are medical. It is not necessarily the case that the original surgeon did a bad job but perhaps you had a fall or did something that you shouldn’t have done and were warned not to do through the healing process.

If you are thinking about having revision rhinoplasty then you should consider some important factors. You really need to think about the pros and cons of this. The revised surgery can be much more complicated than the original surgery as the nose is a small area which carries out very important functions. As such it can be much more costly than the original surgery and it can take a lot longer and be riskier.

Some people will go back to their original surgeon and others will prefer to choose a new one, an intense specialist in rhinoplasty for this very important operation. Whichever you choose just make sure you choose wisely. Have a full discussion with your surgeon about what you are hoping to achieve and what issues you have had. The surgeon should thoroughly examine your cartilage strength and bone structure and also the surrounding skin and its elasticity.

The risks associated with revision rhinoplasty are loss of sense of smell this should only be temporary, burst blood vessels, swelling, excessive scaring and even skin loss. All surgeries come with risks associated with anaesthetic and all of this should be explained and weighed up by you as part of the decision-making process.

Revision rhinoplasty is a very specific procedure that requires a lot of skill on the part of the surgeon. Select a board-certified surgeon who has carried out many revision rhinoplasties and lots of them recently. Check their reviews on ratings. Twenty or thirty a year is the number you are going for. Ask them to show you before and after pictures of their previous clients who have had this reconstructive surgery and hopefully they will illustrate that they have done a very good job.

You should also consider the recovery process; revision rhinoplasty is similar to your original recovery. Nasal packaging will reduce swelling and bleeding. Painkillers can be prescribed. You may feel nauseous and if you did feel ill the first time ensure that your surgeon knows so that you can get anti sickness drugs in advance.

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