Don’t Let Sony’s Little Black Box Down—Wrap It In A Skin

You bought your PS4 so that you could finally host the weekly game night you and your friends have. But as you take a look at the small console and admire the jet-black plastic, you have your worries. Game night can get pretty rowdy, as old rivalries awaken and competitive fires are stoked. Boisterous gameplay unfolds next to open drinks, messy junk food, and greasy pizza. You know this to be a recipe for disaster as drinks threaten to spill on your new system and oily fingers touch your controllers.


You can’t be worrying about the state of your PlayStation 4 when you should be concentrating on the latest campaign. If you spend more time thinking about the placement of your friends’ drinks than on the placement of your character, how can you expect your strategies to win the game? Luckily, there’s a way to keep your head in the game without giving up hosting game night. By applying a wrap to your PS4, you can keep your console as if it were fresh from the box.

A vinyl wrap will protect your PS4 system from all of the spills and roughhousing that comes from an average game. The strength of the vinyl withstands damage that would otherwise scrape, scratch, or dent your console. Its non-porous material means it also beads any liquid that may be spilt. With a quick wipe with a cloth, you can keep spills from leaking into the seams of your PS4 and causing real problems.

The wrap does all of this without interfering with your game play. Vinyl wraps should be cut to fit the specific measurements of the PS4. On the console itself, the sleek lines of the box will be expertly covered, keeping in mind the need for necessary airflow to avoid overheating. The wrap will also adhere to the controllers as if it were a second skin, so it won’t add clumsy bulk that makes them hard to hold.

Indeed, your friends probably won’t even notice you’ve applied a wrap to your controller and console at all, unless you take advantage of the eye catching designs that are available. When made out of precision cut 3M vinyl, wraps can be customized to fit any colour and texture combination you want. You can turn the boring black box into an electric blue and white console. There are plenty of choices out there, so be sure to explore all of the colours and textures that catch your interest.

Not every wrap provider uses 3M vinyl, so they can’t afford the selection you want. Be sure to search out only those that use 3M vinyl that’s been custom fit for the PS4. That way you can truly have your pick of designs from the most protective wraps available. Some, like dbrand, even let you see what your unique colour and texture combinations will look like before you order it. Go to drand.com/shop/playstation-4 to see what your customized designs will look on your PS4 using the build-a-wrap feature.

Once you have a wrap protecting your entire console, you can invite your friends over for game night without any stress. You can devote all of your attention to your gameplay, and let the compliments from your friends roll in. They’ll be so impressed with your colourful wrap that they might buy one for themselves!

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