Conquer The Rocky Mountains This Winter

A little bit of ice and snow isn’t going to keep a hardy winter adventurer like you indoors. Never one to hibernate like the rest of the country, winter is your season. In the past, you’ve crossed off things like ice climbing, dog sledding, and a wilderness trek from your list of things to do. This year, you’re going to need something epic to top the others. If you’re struggling to find your next big winter adventure, look no further than heli skiing – the only skiing that you’ll need a helicopter to try.


Forget the over-skied slopes at overcrowded resorts. This run-of-the-mill experience isn’t going to satisfy your adrenaline junkie, nor is it the real way to ski. Skiing – before the commercialization of it all – when people climbed the side of a mountain with their skies strapped to their backs. Back when people retreated to the wilderness to reach top speeds and vertical, without throngs of fellow skiers competing for space and notoriety.

Heli skiing brings you back in time, using today’s best equipment. Imagine it; you take a flight up BC’s Rocky Mountains to arrive at an untouched peak. You’re surrounded by untouched snow, evergreens, and an endless horizon of mountains. The air is cold and crisp; the sun is hot and bright. This is the setting of your next adventure.

When you go helicopter skiing in Canada, you won’t have to sacrifice any of the luxuries that you’d expect at the typical resort. BC heli skiing combines the rustic, exciting opportunity of the Rockies with all of the modern amenities you want. After a full day of vertical, you’ll retire to the beautiful lodges at the foot of the mountains. From here you can admire what you conquered during the day as you spend your evenings indulging in fine dining, hot tubs, and other activities so that you’re ready to take on the mountains the following day.

If this sounds like the adventure that befits your list, then it’s time that you start researching the best heli skiing BC has to offer. A simple trip online will help, where you can compare the exact locations, rates, reviews, and availability of each operator from the comfort of your home. Once you find the right one for you and your friends, you can book it online too.

Booking your next adventure can be that simple! With little fanfare, you can set yourself for the best runs, longest verticals, crisp powder, and landscapes of your skiing career. So add heli skiing to your list, dress warm, and conquer the Rocky Mountains this winter.

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