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Breakups: The Top Five Steps to Get Over an Ex

Ending a relationship seems like one of the toughest dilemmas that a man has to deal with. I, however, deny this. Letting go of that person is usually the toughest thing to do. When I broke up with my first girlfriend, I kept thinking of forgiving her and taking her back, despite having cheated on me. I could no longer hang out with our mutual friends, every inch of my house reminded me of her and I no longer hung out in the places we visited together. That was a tough time. However, I finally got over my ex, thanks to these top five secrets that I discovered.

Accept the facts

She is gone. It does not matter who was in the wrong. You will only be making things tougher for yourself by inviting why, what if, why me, and similar phrases into your life. Accept that being apart means one of you was not meant for the other and move. Do not act like you are Adam and she was the only woman on the planet.

Destroy any reminders

If you are sure the breakup is legit and things might never normalize again, then donate her gifts and souvenirs to the flames. However, if the gift was as big as a car, you might consider “converting it” by selling it. The fewer reminders you have lying around of your ex, the faster you will move on with your life. You might even consider re-arranging your house or going away for some time.

Occupy yourself

This magic tip will get you moving on very fast after the breakup. Find something that takes all of your time and mind away. You can play video games, go to work, start a new hobby, hang out with friends or write a book. However, avoid substance abuse as this might give rise to new problems.

Focus on their negatives

This got you smiling, right? Remind yourself of how bad she was at cooking, how lazy she was, maybe her manners were wanting or just why you broke up. Once you train your mind to perceive of her as the bad person that you did not deserve, believe me, you will forget your ex.

Get professional help

Remember, if self-care fails, you have the option of calling for help. This is normal. You can visit a counselor and open up about your breakup with the ex. In most cases, these people know the best approach to dealing with such situations. Therefore, do not suffer or stress yourself into depression when a few hours or cents could save you the pain. Remember that money you spent on your weekly dates? Great, spend it on the counselor!

I am sure that these tips will get you back on your feet sooner than you expected. The reason you are on this post is because you have decided to move on. The good news is that once you decide to move on, the process is halfway achieved. The other half is in these five tips. Good luck!

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