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Top Five Tips for Writing an Online Dating Profile

At some point in my life, I worked as a professional online dating site administrator. The position provided me with critical insight into how people structure their profiles and how that affected their outcomes. One of my biggest lessons from that job was that minor details can create or destroy one’s success to a large extent. Well, just so you do not land on the losing side, I created this post so as to show you how to make an online dating profile to win you the hearts.

The profile headline

Writing your professional ad, or the headline to your profile, is the number one determinant as to whether you will earn a view or you get ignored. A good online dating headline will be straight to the point: say what you are looking for, and define yourself. One strategy is to use a line from a song that summarizes yourself or what you are looking for. More importantly, be honest, concise and intriguing.

The profile photo

This should be self-explanatory. I bet that you would almost never initiate a conversation with a person that has an avatar for their profile picture no matter how good their headline is. A photograph tells the potential partner if you are their preference and is very important in creating the attraction. I can bet you on this one: if you have no profile photo, expect being ignored, minimal views and online dating failure!

Conversation starters

It would be unethical for me to state what most people initiated conversations with back then. However, I will tell you that just because it is online, do not make it look like a joke. Use good online dating conversation starters. What do I mean? Initiate a conversation just like you would in real life, but make it interesting. Do not jump into intense phrases such as “can we date?”, “are you gay?” “When are we meeting?” Rather, start by introducing yourself, take the time to weigh your compatibility, then move up the levels. Never rush!

Proper information

One of the online dating benefits is that you can write everything there is to yourself then let your potential hookups decide whether you fit their preferences. Therefore, provide all the relevant details about yourself. However, do not provide confidential or sensitive information. For instance, if your cup of coffee is a cat lady, do not fail to mention that! Being honest and to the point increases your chances of getting the right partner for yourself.

Online dating burnout

Listen, if you have unrealistic dating expectations, then burnout will hit you hard! Do not expect to win a soulmate on the same day you sign up online. Do not expect the partners you meet online to be 100 percent of what you dream of. I would advise you to perceive of online dating as a trial method. It can work or backfire. The idea is to be ready for either of these as online dating never guarantees success.

I condensed the list of the 5 tips that I am sure will see your profile succeed in the online dating context. Apply them well, win the hearts, and then thank me later!

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