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What to Expect from an ASI Agent

Accelerated Service International (ASI) provides vehicle service contracts to dealerships. They do so through highly trained agents, who fully represent the interest of their clients. These have tremendously increased the overall success rate of the company. ASI works with a variety of different vehicles, which is why their agents can work with a range of dealers as well, each of which has different needs.

When someone signs up as an ASI agent, they will be linked directly to an account manager. They will work together to ensure all needs are met. Full training is provided, as ASI has set very high standards that must be maintained, and they understand that agents must understand these standards first. Agents also learn how to create mailing lists for marketing and how to add new dealers to their system. The account manager, meanwhile, provides ongoing support.

Tools Focused on the Agent

In order to make sure each agent is successful in properly representing ASI, the company has developed a variety of tools that also increase the chance of closing a sales pitch. The company has invested a lot of time and effort in determining which tools agents should have with them. This has culminated in the creation of an Agent Survival Kit, which each agent receives after they return their agreement. This kit, when used together with the skills agents are equipped with, including a desire to succeed, will ensure that more sales and more referrals will follow.

Coverage Is Best in Industry

ASI has set the standard in terms of expectations for vehicle service contracts. One way in which they have achieved that is by having a variety of different coverage options available. In so doing, anyone, regardless of their budget, should be able to find a contract. Their website fully outlines the different coverage options that are available.

Another reason why ASI is so respected is because they offer same day claims payment. Their service is reliable, accurate, and above all, fast. Most of the time, a claim is paid out within no more than two hours, using a credit card. Furthermore, they are backed by A-rated insurance companies. This means that they meet all the legal requirements as set by the industry regulators, which includes always having sufficient funds in reserve to pay out on claims as and when they come in.

Agents, meanwhile, have access to a dashboard in which they can see the status of the claims of their customers. Furthermore, they can access both monthly and weekly summary reports. These show all the claims that the dealer they are associated with have been paid. Meanwhile, the system itself is incredibly user-friendly and intuitive, thereby ensuring prospective agents understand exactly what the costs of ASI are, and how they can benefit from it.

People are encouraged to contact ASI if they are interested in becoming an agent for the company. In so doing, they can help more people have the peace of mind of knowing that their vehicles are properly covered for repairs.

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