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What Are The Most Important Values In Conservative Politics?

Conservative parties are gaining popularity at the moment. We see a clear shift in the number of elections that are won by conservatives while conservative organizations like Turning Point USA constantly gain visibility. This is mainly because of the values that are promoted. These do recognize politics’ adversarial nature, together with adversities associated with day-to-day life.

Basically, conservative values have an innate ability to deal with adversity. This makes them really attractive as they are effective when defending against many modern problems, like anxiety, fear, adversity, addiction, narcissism, illiteracy, self-destructive behavior, wastefulness and even serious mental disorders.

A really interesting thing to mention is that statistics show that at the moment conservatives are happier, when compared with liberals. This is said to be due to the fact that conservatives do not want equality.

Conservative values were mentioned to be helpful in combating and recognizing deceit. Conservatives understand incentives that lead people to it, together with the fact that political power can easily lead to deceit.

Main Conservative Values

The list of all the values that are, in theory, respected by conservative parties is really long. However, some that should be highlighted as being more often seen than others include:

Putting principles and ideas above the personal fear, regret, desire and weakness.

Utilizing and even recognizing benefits associated with hard work and competition.

Discovering the truth, no matter personal experience influences.

Emphasizing charity as opposed to a tax based spending program designed to help and being launched as compulsory.

A clear devotion to justice.

Self-help teaching instead of being dependent on someone else.

Self-defense support.

Identifying the media as a source of bullying, bias and deception.

Efficiency and frugality.

Respect for people in authority. However, this is not leading to accepting assertions or orders that are identified as being contrary to morality or logic.

Not complaining about current situation and taking actions to improve that situation.

Self-reliance as opposed to being offered something.

Downplaying wealth disparities and overall wealth significance. Even materialism is downplayed.

Self-restraint against activities that are hurtful.


Open-mindedness as opposed to arrogant behavior towards the views of an individual.

Free market.

Self-control instead of self-indulgent search.

Fighting the evil in the world by any means necessary.

Following Christian principles.

Respecting life.

In theory, conservative values are really powerful and useful when fighting the really common human weaknesses we see in modern times like conflict, pride, jealousy, lust, laziness, liberalism, corruption and credulity.

Obviously, a lot of controversy surrounds conservative views but the same thing can be said about liberal views. There are different reasons why conservative parties gained popularity but the big takeaway is the fact that generally, people were not happy with the way in which liberals handled responsibility in the past few years. This is visible in the US and in many other parts of the world where conservative parties won elections. Whether or not this will continue depends on the success of governments of conservative parties and the evolution of trust in the following years.

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