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What Does The Partnership Between Iridium And Lindsey Manufacturing Mean?

Last year a very important partnership was struck between Lindsey Manufacturing and Iridium Communications. Lindsey stands out as a true pioneer in transmission line monitors, emergency restoration systems and dynamic line rating technology used by some of the major utility transmission companies from around the world.

The partnership was labeled as being truly unique and capable of expanding the footprint that Iridium has in transmission utility. All was based on integrating the satellite communication technology by Iridium into the transmission line analytic solutions offered by Lindsey Manufacturing.

Why is this partnership important?

Lindsey Manufacturing is specialized in monitoring power line conductors and does rely on cellular connectivity. The software solution they now use, SMARTLINE, is capable of enhancing dynamic line rating tech through enabling accurate and reliable measurement capabilities. At the same time, the technology is a great option when it is important to manage the capacity of a power line with the purpose of maximizing power grid.

The partnership practically means that Lindsey Manufacturing is capable of using the Iridium network. The technology and software that was developed can now be included in the standard Iridium 9603 modem. Such an integrated device will then be attached to the high voltage conductor, where it manages to store collected data. All is stored in a cloud-based system or on the server of a company. Practically, through this system it is possible to monitor the entire power transmission and distribution network. If anything goes wrong, monitoring allows quick reaction time.

What is really interesting with the newly created system is that Iridium in partnership with Lindsey Manufacturing manages to create a really good setup capable of offering 99% accurate forecasting capabilities. Managers can see conductor clearance, conductor temperature and much more in real-time. The added use of the SMARTLINE DLR technology means you can see the current state of the entire network while in the comfort of an office. It is even possible to perform some advanced maintenance tasks like shutting down some electricity areas when this would be needed.

A Look At The Future

The partnership was clearly highly beneficial for both parties involved. For Lindsey the possibility to use cloud computing in a combination with the already industry-standard systems they utilize in power distribution is a huge market boom. For Iridium, the partnership was completely logical since the company is actively trying to change how utility companies use power grids. The technology that they offer needs to be applicable at a global scale, with perfect reliability. Iridium offers that but it is simply a lot better with the use of Lindsey’s technology.

To make matters even more interesting, Iridium is replacing its LEO satellite network with the addition of many new satellites. These network replacements are very important since we are talking about the largest addition of its kind.

In the future we can expect lower electricity prices simply because of partnerships like this one. It is definitely beneficial for the entire power industry and especially good for the end user.

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