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Finding a New Year’s resolution that’s right for you

We’re half-way through January now, so it might surprise you how many people are still trying to decide on a resolution for 2019. If you’re one of them, we’ve got some advice.

New Year’s resolution

Forget the clichéd resolutions you’ve tried (and failed) to keep in years gone by. Set a goal that’s personal to you and your life right now by asking yourself the following 3 questions:

  1.    What’s possible?

You know you the best. You know what’s realistic and achievable in your life. Only make a New Year’s resolution you believe you can stick to, otherwise you’re just setting yourself up for failure. Let’s say, for instance, you want to ditch cigarettes but know you can’t handle going cold turkey. Devise monthly goals instead to gradually cut down on your smoking habit throughout the year.

  1.    What do I want?

Don’t make a resolution because you think you should. Make a resolution because you can see how it’s going to benefit you and, ultimately, make you a happier individual. You shouldn’t resolve to eat healthier because everyone around you is on some ‘New Year’s detox’ and you feel pressured to follow suit. You should eat healthier because you want more energy to do the things you enjoy, or because you want to be a role model to your kids or improve your relationship.

  1.    What’s it going to take?

Plan, plan, plan. Make sure you have the right resources and enough spare time to achieve a resolution before you think about committing to it. If you’re thinking of setting a goal to learn a new language, for example, work out where you can hire a tutor or get study materials online beforehand. That way you’ll be setting yourself up for success.

And if you’re still struggling to decide on a New Year’s resolution after asking yourself these questions, don’t worry. Find inspiration from the 5 Best New Year’s Resolutions according to Power Spins. Tailor them to make a goal that’s personal to you.


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