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Five Crucial Money-Making Skills to Master When You’re In-Between Jobs

Whether you’re currently in-between jobs or simply know that your current gig isn’t going to last for the long-term, one of the worst things you could possibly do for your career is, well, nothing.

While it might be tempting to sit on your hands and hope that the ideal opportunity drops into your lap, why not be proactive and ultimately make yourself more marketable? There are a variety of skills just about anyone can start learning today to improve their career prospects for the future, either in their current roles or down the line.

If you’re looking to step up your money-making potential, what can you do during your downtime? Consider the following five awesome skills for starters.

Learn the Ropes of Trading

While you may think of trading as something akin to the world of The Wolf of Wall Street, the fact remains that just about anyone can get started with stocks in their free-time. Penny stocks in particular are enticing because they require less of a financial commitment for those of us tight budgets who still want to explore new financial opportunities.

Following guides such as Tim Sykes’ essential rules for penny stock traders, you can introduce yourself to the world trading while maintaining realistic expectation. You never know: you might have a knack for investing and simply never realized it.

Cut Your Teeth with Copywriting

In a world where so many aspects of doing business are becoming automated or templated, copywriting is arguably one of the most valuable skills out there today. Think about it: from crafting an irresistible resume to letting the creative juices flow, learning a bit of copywriting could be a total game-changer when it comes to your career path. The better you manipulate the written word, the more you can convince people how much you’re ultimately worth.

Whether through free guides or old-school classics like Breakthrough Advertising or The Boron Letters, there’s tons of education out there to get you started. As a rule of thumb, copywriting can be boiled down to single, simple rule: the purpose of the first sentence to get people to read the second sentence (and repeat).

Grow Your Network

You can’t afford to be a total island if you’re in-between gigs or want to increase your money-making potential. From Facebook and LinkedIn groups for entrepreneurs to local events, putting yourself out there is key to uncovering new opportunities to grow your wealth. Face-to-face networking is more important than ever in an era where everyone feels so comfortable in a digital world.

Play the Role of Teacher

Finally, don’t neglect your current knowledge when it comes to making money. For example, you can take your current career know-how and turn it into passive income through an online course or solo consulting firm. While you may not feel you have the chops to charge money to teach others a skill, ask yourself: do you have knowledge others are willing to pay for?

If you dig deep enough, chances are the answer is a resounding “yes.” Don’t let imposter system stop you from selling you know-how.

Start Your Own Business

On a related note, you don’t necessarily need for the “perfect” opportunity to arise when you create it yourself. The opportunities out there for freelancers in the world of marketing are absolutely insane thanks to social media, job boards and freelance-specific platforms. Starting your own business can be done in a snap with little more than a website and a social media presence. If you’re willing to put in the time and energy, it’s totally worth it.

Just because you’re in-between roles doesn’t mean you should take “time off” for the sake of relaxing, Instead, take the lead and search for opportunities to put more money in your pocket while also improving your marketability: you’ll thank yourself in the future.

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