How to freelance with no experience

Many people dream of being able to give up their current job and all its headaches for something better. In the current climate, freelancing has become a surprisingly viable option. Setting up as freelancer requires no prior experience, which means it is open to everyone. If you want to be your own boss and cut out that long commute to work, here is a look at how you can start out as a freelancer.

Choose your industry carefully

The key point to becoming a successful freelancer is choosing what you will do very carefully. It really is a tricky balance as you want to operate in a job sector that people are hiring in but is not too crowded.

The IT industry is bigger than ever, with the constant advancement of technology and the need for companies to have people build websites or help with programming code. Web development in particular is experiencing a gold rush right now, as noted on Quora, and this may be one area that you could move into and find some success. Brush up on the basics at places like Code Academy, and you will soon be ready to go!

Other key industries for freelancing right now are writing and social media management. Writing is a great area to move into because of the sheer number of articles that people need for their websites and blogs. Social media is one area that has grown greatly in recent times, and many companies employ help on this front.

Freelancing pros and cons

The main benefit most people find is the ability to work for themselves and set their own schedule. This flexibility is great if you have an appointment you need to attend or an emergency situation arises.

When it comes to drawbacks, if there is one thing you need to think about when going solo, it is whether you can you handle the pressure. The mental side of being your own boss and having sole responsibility for finding work and bringing the money in is massive.

Key tasks to think about when freelancing

Finding new work is very important. Depending on the industry you are working in, you may pick work up from an agency, through word-of-mouth or via the internet. Once the work is in, make sure you get it done well and on time.

Another key task is invoicing clients for work you have done so they can pay you. There are many online invoice templates you can use for free, so download one of those to complete and send off when ready.

How can umbrella companies help?

From sending out invoices to chasing payments, there are some tasks you might prefer to let others handle. This is where umbrella PAYE companies can prove useful. These companies act like employers for freelancers and can do all the administrative tasks involved in being self-employed for you.


If you are growing tired of the 9-to-5 way of working, moving into the freelance sector could well be the ticket for you. Just be sure to do some forward planning first, and you will be fully prepared to succeed and enjoy your new working life. Lots of people are doing this in the modern age, and it may well be the best decision you have ever made.

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