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Top Style Tips For Men In College

The fashion world can be incredibly brutal and nowhere are you judged on your fashion quite like you are in college. For that reason, us boys must ensure that we are dressing the right way in college so that we can avoid stepping outside of fashion, and so that we look dressed to impress. College students have always been at the heart of what is hot and new when it comes to fashion and if you want to look great on campus this year, here are some tips to help you to stay in style.

Look and Learn

One of the best ways to look great in college is to allow yourself to be influenced by those around you and mimic what they are wearing. This is not to say that you should not have your own style of course but there is absolutely nothing wrong with borrowing style tips from someone that looks great on campus.

Frat Boy Style

If you are a member of a fraternity then you should be rocking your colors as much as possible and wearing the fraternity shirts which are given out. Nothing screams cool quite like being in your own fraternity and if you are a member then use it to your fashion advantage, this is something that not every student on campus is able to do.

T-Shirt to Polo

If you want to look great and feel like the adult that you are supposed to be, then it is time to ditch those scruffy t-shirts and replace them with cool and mature polo shirts. Polo shirts look classy and they also look very stylish, they can be used with jeans or smart trousers to give you a real slice of university chic.

Ditch the Skinnies

Not only are skinny jeans slowly leaving the world of fashion, they are also an item of clothing which are reserved for late teens and not for a studious member of college. Instead of the skinny jeans you should be looking for some classy and well fitted jeans which have simple colors, no reds, blues or yellows please! Investing in a  great pair of jeans should be able to see you through your first couple of years of study and they can set any kind of outfit off in the right way.


When you are in college you should take the opportunity to wear some classy and sleek footwear such as loafers and boat shoes, there is always a time to wear some fresh white sneakers but in the main you should be going for a much more mature and intelligent look.

Say No To Hats

If you are really looking for that debonair campus fashion style then you should be looking to ditch the baseball cap that you wear every Sunday afternoon and instead start brushing your hair and adding a touch of class to your outfit. Baseball caps may have their place, but a fashionable college student won’t be caught dead wearing one.

What are your favorite campus fashion styles? Let us know in the comments section below.

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