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Having a Great Trip to San Francisco on a Budget

San Francisco is recognized as one of the great cities of the world. With its iconic features, eclectic melting pot of different people and cultures and numerous ways to be entertained and delighted, it stands on par with other great cities like New York, Paris and London.

And with booming industries in its back yard including the Silicon Valley tech industry, the city is sure to remain a top world city for at least decades to come. And this great city is sure to continue to attract millions from across the country and around to world.

However, like most of the world’s great cities, San Francisco is not a low budget destination. Hotels here are some of the most expensive and high end traveling and entertainment in the city demands that you have a high end budget or you may not be able to have the greatest of times. But like all cities if you plan well and look for alternative ways to feed and entertain yourself, you can do San Francisco on a budget and have an amazing time. Here are some things to do and ways to be frugal about doing them.


The oldest Chinatown in the US is a must see attraction for anyone who visits. San Francisco’s Chinatown is not only recognized as one of the most authentic replicas of China, complete with Chinese businesses of all types from markets to pharmacies, hanging Chinese lanterns from street signs and celebrations on every big Chinese holiday throughout the year.

Perhaps the biggest draw of San Francisco’s Chinatown Is the amazing food. There is authentic Mandarin and Cantonese cooking throughout the neighborhood and it is available for any budget from high-end sit down, to Chinese take-out. If you don’t know already this is the perfect opportunity for you to learn how to eat peking duck.

Golden Gate Park

Nestled on more than 100 acres is San Francisco’s gorgeous Golden Gate Park. The park is one huge green space will with trees, lawns that are perfect to have a picnic on, hiking and bicycle through any day of the week. The park also contains several cultural destinations for families to visit.

The Music Concourse – A sunken, oval-shaped open-air plaza whose focus is the Spreckels Temple of Music, also called the Bandshell. Each year numerous free music performances staged here.

The De Young Museum – A fine arts museum that that features paintings and sculptures that has grown to 1,000,000 items. Although the museum has been here since 1021, it was rebuilt in 2005 and today has American art, Modern art, African art, textiles and sculptures, and special alternating exhibitions. You can buy reduced tickets to the De Young Museum for as little as $19 for adults and $9 for children.

The Japanese Tea Garden – It serves as a spot of tranquility in the middle of the various activities that take place at the Golden Gate Park and provides visitors a place in which it is possible to be at one with nature, its rhythms, and changing beauties. The Japanese Tea Garden is definitely one of the most popular attractions in the park attracting thousands of visitors each week. The price is $9 for adults and only $2 for children and promises to be one of your favorite spots in the park.

You can also visit Alcatraz Prison to see one of San Francisco’s most iconic attractions and ride a cable car to Fisherman’s Wharf for great shopping and sea food.

These are just a sample of the low budget entertainment and food options in the city. There are many more that will be sure to keep you and the whole family delighted.

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