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Perfect Things to Buy for the Man with Style

Some men do not care how they look. They throw on any old thing hanging in the closet, grab an old pair of shoes and are out the door.

Other men however have a real desire to look their best when they need to, or if they think it can get to first base with a pretty girl or advance their careers. They spend time most mornings getting their hair just right, matching their tie to their suit and shirt and making sure their shoes compliment the look perfectly. These men consider themselves stylish and look to exude this description to others.

When we have to buy gifts for the stylish man, it can be quite a challenge. He likes things that allow him to look good but that also fit with his particular style. This is why one has to understand the man, what he likes and does not. The best bet is to go with things that are proven or that can allow him to have input. With these parameters established we have ideas for a few gifts for the fashionable man.

A Custom Dress Shirt

Your city or town has several tailors who specialize in creating custom clothes for men. These clothes. The shirt is created based on the wearer’s specific measurements and sewn together entirely by hand.

The process includes a fitting with the tailor where careful measurements are taken. From these measurements, a custom shirt pattern is created to be used to make the shirt. The reasons to purchase this type of shirt for the fashionable man are many and include: benefits of buying a suit as a gift are:

No Shirt will ever fit him better

When someone puts on a well-made custom shirt they realize what the height of fashion and fit is all about. Purchasing a shirt off a rack can be a rewarding experience, but more times than not you have to settle for an inexact fit. Perhaps the shoulders are too narrow, or the sleeves a bit long. Maybe the taper of the shirt does not hug your body the way you like or perhaps it is too tight around the waist. We purchase these shirts anyway not realizing that we do not have to make these compromises. When you buy the shirt custom there are no fit issues because it is made specifically for your stylish friend.

He can choose style colors and fabric

When you buy a custom shirt, your stylish friend gets to select every element about it. This means you can pick any material you would like. Choose from cotton, wool, silk, linen or a combination of these and others. He can choose from dozens of colors and most importantly he can pick the style he likes. For his dress shirt he can choose the type of collar, the amount and placement of buttons, whether there is a monogram and where and the types of cuffs on the sleeve. All of these parameters are open to decide on his shirt.

Designer Cufflinks

Now that he has the perfect shirt no gift can complement it better than a set of designer cufflinks. Designer cufflinks are high end accessories that cause the wearer to rise above others with fashion. They are created by the world’s top designers and offer wearers an ability to add masculine highlights to their dress shirts. These cufflinks are made of precious metals and stones and cost more than off the rack cufflinks, but for the stylish man, it fits his goals of being looked at and admired.

Any man can be difficult to shop for. When the man is stylish, you have an even more difficult job. Take these gift ideas as real options to make him happy and satisfied.

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