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Honing your photography skills

Photography is a fantastic habit to pick up, particularly when it comes to documenting life’s events, big and small. What would that great night out be without a few decent images to capture the moments you’ll have forgotten by sunrise? Photography is so much more than a means of clearing brain fog, though. Indeed, photography can be useful for an array of different purposes, including social media, blogging, selling products, photo-journaling, and brightening websites. Everywhere you turn, you’ll notice images of different kinds that were taken for a variety of purposes. Wouldn’t you love to be the one taking them?

Here are just a handful of tips for improving your photography game. You can thank us when you’re reaching the big leagues!

Check out your competition

Whether you have big plans for your photography or not, it’s worth familiarizing yourself with other photographers. Search Instagram and Pinterest for the accounts that inspire you, and gather together a selection of images that you wish you’d captured. These kinds of exercises will become useful in helping you decide what kind of photography you’re passionate about. You’ll also have a good starting point when it comes to researching shots and subject matters; life’s much easier when you know what you want to capture.

Familiarize yourself with your equipment

This might sound like an obvious tip, but it’s the best one we have. If you want to take better photos, you must understand how your camera works and become accustomed to using each of its features expertly. Read your camera’s user manual; get to grips with what each button, dial, and icon represents; and take a few practice shots. You don’t have to have the coolest camera to date, but it sure pays to know how to use it!

Choose your subject matter

You might get lucky snapping away at any old object, but wouldn’t it be better to get to know your subject matter first? Look for moments in the everyday; search for the unusual angles of ordinary objects and set yourself the task of making them stand out. By capturing the mundane, you could very well stumble upon a few amazing tips and tricks that will help you photograph the sublime.

Understand lighting

Photography is as much about finding the perfect lighting as it is about understanding your subject matter. It doesn’t matter how neat your view is; if the lighting’s awful, your shot will be, too. Be aware of where the sun’s lurking when you’re taking outdoors shots, and use its rays to your advantage. If you’re going to be shooting, inside it might be worth investing in some equipment.

Set yourself challenges

Once you and your camera have become more accustomed to one another, it is time to set yourself a few challenges. Choose a few tasks that will ensure you’re confident with a variety of your camera’s settings, different situations, and certain techniques. A good photographer can take consistently striking images, but a fantastic one won’t be afraid of leaving his or her comfort zone every once in a while for that show-stopping frame.

Reaching those big leagues

Once you’ve begun to take better photographs, you should start to notice a trend, particularly when it comes to the images that are most popular and the types of pictures that people respond to. You’re becoming much more than a snap-happy blogger or Instagrammer; you’re becoming a photographer – and you’re undoubtedly seeing the world a little differently, too. Indeed, in very little time at all, you will likely begin to notice numerous opportunities for shots that might have passed you by before. Grab each one; this particular shot might just be your making.

Did you know that you don’t have to be a professional photographer to sell your images online? Put down your resignation letter for a moment and think about this. Are you really ready to quit your job to make photography your living? If you think you’ve got what it takes, we wish you all the luck in the world. However, there could be a better way to earn money from your photographs without leaving the security of steady, paid employment.

You see, there are numerous agencies out there that are waiting to view and sell your images for you. The benefits of choosing to sell stock photos are two-fold; you’ll gain experience in the photography market and get paid for your images without having to handle the bureaucracy, promotion or paperwork that accompany life as a freelance snapper. This could be your best opportunity for testing the waters and gauging how well your photographs are going to be received before you jump headlong into a new career.

Photography is a popular art form that is capable of setting and transcending trends. There’s always going to be a need for strong images, whether you’re snapping holiday destinations, recipes, animals, people, or situations. Your abilities with a camera could enable you to document every moment of your life as you see it, or they could be earning you money. The choice is yours.

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