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Improving the music that you make

If you love music beyond just listening to it such as playing an instrument, DJing or any other aspect, then at times you will find yourself struggling for inspiration, education or creativity.  Something important to know is that most tracks you´ve heard required many different people with different roles to contribute to all aspects of the track to make it complete.  Taking this into account, take a look at the following tips to improve the music you are making:

Don´t be afraid to take a course

If you´re a guitarist wanting to learn the drums then take classes, a DJ wanting to learn more about sound engineering then attend a sound engineer school.  Attending a school is great for expanding your music knowledge no matter which instrument or part of the industry you wish to study because in the end it will all add to your repertoire of musical knowledge.  This will give you a great understanding of the other roles involved in creating music so when creating tracks in the future they will be of a much higher quality

Mix up genres

For a while, we all at some point or another have been stuck to a particular genre or band not wanting to branch out and listen to something a little different.  Listening to other genres opens up your creative side when you yourself are making a track and can influence you to add in new things and possibly even create a very unique sound.  Almost all famous artists will admit that they have taken influence from their predecessors in order to create their own unique sound.

Purchase some decent equipment

It´s recommended to have good quality equipment be it an instrument, a set of decks or equalizers.  It´s a well-known fact that a lot of musical equipment is a little on the expensive side, nobody is saying that you need to buy the most expensive, however you can find good equipment by spending a reasonable amount of time looking and asking advice if necessary to find the quality equipment.  Remember, a great guitarist can make a poor-quality guitar sound good, but if he played the same thing on a good quality guitar, it would sound much better.

Climb the musical wall

All aspects of music can be extremely frustrating and complicated to begin with, acknowledging this is vital to keeping you going.  Do you think Jimmy Hendrix picked up a guitar and was suddenly great at it? Or that Dr Dre produced some of his greatest tracks the day he started using an equalizer? Of course they didn’t.  At times, you will hit a musical wall, which feels as if you aren’t getting any better or are unable to progress, you need to ride this out and climb over the wall using persistence and hard work, this happens to everybody.

So if you are serious about improving the music that you are creating then the tips above should help you on your way to becoming a great artist.

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