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A Little Extra Height Goes a Long Way

According to one article in the Scientific American, more than half of all CEOs in the U.S. stand at heights of six-foot-plus. This matches up with research that psychologists and scientists have been doing for years on the relationship between tall people and success. If you’re shorter than average and you’ve heard this story before, it’s increasingly depressing to think about how your own first impressions will be forever marred by something that’s totally out of your control. Take a moment, though to think about why it might be that height makes such a difference, whether it’s in the dating world, the business world, or elsewhere. Here are some things to consider.

1. Confidence

The thing about tall people is that, just as you can’t help falling under the line, they can’t help towering above it. They’ve learned how to comfortably take up space in the room precisely because that adaptation was necessary. What does this mean for you? It means that you, too, can adapt to the height hierarchy by making yourself feel different, both on the inside and outside. No—step back from drastic measures like surgery and cosmetic enhancements, which are expensive and sometimes dangerous. The safest and most cost-effective solutions available include shoe insoles such as those sold at, which boost you by a couple of inches without restricting your style or freedom of movement.

A bit of extra height can help you get the girl


2. Self-Assurance

When you think about that feeling of knowing exactly which shoes to wear to an interview, a big meeting, or out to drinks with your coworkers, you realize why elevator shoes are not a sufficient solution to a height problem. They restrict your flexibility and style, make it obvious to others that you can’t be separated from that one pair, and are usually too expensive to be worth it. Get rid of the doubtful voice in the back of your head and buy a product that actually works with your lifestyle, like a pair of Add Height insoles, which are designed to feel and look totally unnoticeable. Since they slip right inside any pair of your shoes, these insoles will do the work of sending you to a self-assured place while remaining totally invisible.

3. Convenience

At the end of the day, you don’t want to think about your shortcomings any more than you have to. There comes a certain point after which it’s not productive to ruminate on the thing that makes you feel bad about yourself. Instead of dwelling on your height issues and making yourself feel worse, get to the Add Height solution that will work best for you and simply watch your self esteem rise. When you stand tall, walk with a bounce in your step, and feel comfortable in an expertly designed supportive cushion of memory foam and silicone gel, it’ll be easy to forget what you were so worried about.

There are certain things you can’t change about your body, but it’s all about how you look at it. Get to the most confident part of your personality and rest assured that greatness will follow.

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