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How To Choose a Vape Liquid You’ll Actually Like

You might just be getting started with vaping, or maybe you’re a veteran but you never really felt like you’ve found the vape juice that’s just right for you. You want vape juice that fits your preferences regarding flavor, aroma and nicotine strength. The nicotine component can be particularly relevant if you’re trying to move from smoking cigarettes.

The following are some of the things to keep in mind as you choose a vape liquid that you’ll enjoy.

What is Your Objective With Your Vaping Experience?

When you vape, you don’t just want your e-juice to be just right. You want the entire experience to feel that way because that’s just what it is—an experience.

Before you start picking a juice, you should make sure you have the right kind of vape tank for you. Tanks include MLTs which are for those people that tend to want more nicotine and experience that feels more like smoking cigarettes. Otherwise, you might consider a sub-ohm tank which lets you change the airflow and is going to give you more vapor.


There are so many flavors available, and sometimes all you can do here is experiment a little. You might like something sweet or fruity, or you might want something a bit spicier. There are mint flavors, candy and even flavors that taste like tobacco.

If you’re an ex-smoker who’s looking to make a change, you may want to think about going with the e-juice flavors that taste like tobacco. You’re getting that taste that’s probably a big part of your cravings without the chemicals, tar, and carcinogens. Within the larger category of tobacco flavors, there are also more specific options.

Single or Mixed Flavors

If you think you want something aside from a tobacco flavor, do you want it to be a single flavor, such as a single fruit? Or what about a mixed option, which you can think of somewhat like a juice bar.

A lot of retailers will even let you create your own ideal combination.


E-juice options vary regarding not only flavors but also nicotine. The nicotine dosage in a cigarette is usually 16 mg, and if you’re just quitting smoking, this might be what you prefer as you choose your first e-liquid. Then, there are varying levels that can contain more or less nicotine.

If you’re a smoker and you want to stop, you need to think about getting the same level of nicotine you’re used to so you don’t relapse with your smoking. Then, over time you can gradually start tapering down the nicotine which is likely to be an effective strategy.

Finally when you’re choosing a vape juice also think about quality because not all options are created the same. The best vape juices are going to be those options that are made with food-grade and pharmaceutical ingredients and the ones that are made by hand by professionals so you can make sure you’re putting only top-quality substances in your body.

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