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The Best Bachelor Party Destinations for 2016

Montreal is one of the Best Bachelor Party Destinations for 2016, where renting a party bus should definitely be part of of your plans ... photo by CC user Tradalj via

Is one of your best buds tying the knot next year? Before he has a leash placed on him by his soon to be lovely wife, you need to treat him to one last epic blow out adventure.

To help you in this quest, the following best bachelor party destinations for 2016 will allow your friend to get his last taste of freedom in the most egregious manner possible…

Montreal, Canada

photo by CC user Paul Joseph on Flickr

For numerous generations, a time honored tradition for bros in the Northeast was to head north of the border to Montreal, a magical land where high school seniors (those that were 18 years old anyway) and college kids  could engage in alcohol fueled debauchery that was 100% legal.

Montreal makes more sense than ever for bachelor party planners in the present day, as the low Canadian dollar means that its pubs, bars, nightclubs and “peeler” joints are even more affordable than they ever used to be.

When you aren’t drinking your weight in Labatt Blue, there is plenty of smoked meat sandwich serving delis and poutineries to snap you out of the nasty hangovers that you’ll be nursing during your mornings in Montreal.

Costa Rica

photo by CC user Costaricapro via wikimedia commons

If you’re looking inject a massive dose of adrenaline into your best man’s last great adventure before his days of bachelorhood draw to a close, then planning a trip to Costa Rica is the best way to achieve this goal in an epic fashion.

From ziplines that will allow you to soar above one of the most biodiverse rainforests in the world at breakneck speeds, to the beaches of Jaco, where you can tear up the surf breaks and rip it up on a quad by day, and cut a rug at one of its many wild and uninhibited clubs at night.

You’ll have so much fun, you might be tempted to call your fiance and ask her if she could postpone the wedding another week (note: don’t actually try this if you value your life/manhood).

Phuket, Thailand

photo by CC user Ben Reeves on Flickr

While getting to the paradise island of Phuket involves hopping on an insanely long trans-Pacific flight, enduring this epic journey will reward you and your soon to be married mate with one last exotic trip of a lifetime together.

The beaches are among the best in the world, the bar scene is very liberal, and the local food takes its rightful place among the best on the planet.

If you are looking for a unique activity to fill one of your days here, be sure to pitch in for a party boat, as costs for what would be a splurge back home can be had for much less here.

Indeed, many local providers of this service offer a full bar, light and sound systems, and an open water “jacuzzi”, where netted cage hanging off the back of the boat lets you party in the bath warm water of the Andaman Sea even as you ply the waters well off the coast.

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