5 Signs You’ve Fallen In Love With Malta  

Malta has been capturing the hearts of visitors for many years. Any trip to these wonderful Mediterranean isles, no matter whether it’s a weekend break or a few months abroad, is sure to leave anyone amazed by its truly unique charm. Here are five signs that you’ve truly fallen in love with this beautiful and fascinating country.

You Know The True Meaning Of Summer

In many parts of the world, summer either means pouring out in droves to bask in the few hours of sun before it rains again or constantly being on the hunt for shade and cool water – not in Malta!
Over the summer months the temperature averages around a perfect 28°C, making it the ideal heat to lounge around on one of the archipelagos many idyllic beaches, wander through the picturesque city streets or search for some of the country’s awe-inspiring Neolithic remains, without having to worry about it getting so hot that it’s uncomfortable.

You’ve Met The People

Spend a significant amount of time in Malta and you’re bound to have an interaction with the locals sooner or later. Then, it won’t be long before their laid-back island attitude and penchant for partying will have you sat back, sipping Cisk lager before lunch in no time!


They’re also extremely well-known for their hospitality, so don’t be surprised if a casual conversation, in passing, becomes an invite to a home-cooked meal with the whole family. It’s something any visiting outsider soon learns to love!

You Know The History…

Malta’s strategic placing, just a little over 400 miles of the coast of Italy, has meant these tiny isles have had a dramatic and turbulent history, the scars of which can still be seen today. Except during its two golden ages, around the Neolithic and Renaissance periods, the islands have been awash with invaders.


Photo: Paolo Del Signore
The Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Byzantines, Normans, Aragonese and finally, the French, all left their traces on these Islands, until British rule was established in 1800. The island more recently became a republic in 1974 and joined the EU in 2004.

All of these changes have left their own mark: on the architecture, historical sites and even cultural differences between the generations that live there today. Once you truly understand and appreciate the resilience these tiny islands have shown over the years, there’s no way it won’t become close to your heart!

And The Future Excites You!

But it’s not just the past that is filled with fascinating twists and turns; the future of the country is shaping up to look pretty incredible as well. Already established as the European Capital of Culture for 2018, new development is transforming Malta into a trendy and modern destination.

With new commercial developments along the waterfront, recently renovated parliament buildings, restoration of the old opera house into an open-air theatre and architectural work from the brains behind London’s ‘Shard’, Renzo Piano, the future is looking good for these Mediterranean isles!

You Never Want To Leave

With future, past and present awash with fascinating stories, stunning buildings, beautiful views and vibrant culture, the easiest way to tell you’ve fallen in love with the Maltese archipelago is realising that you never want to leave!

Malta has a huge expat community pretty much solely for this reason, so be careful, or before long you might find yourself packing up your bags and returning to this beautiful little country for good!

Have you fallen in love with Malta? Do you spend all your time telling friends and family just why they have to visit at least once? We’d love to hear about your experiences so be sure to leave a comment below!

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