How to Have a Blowout Weekend In Paris

Every now and again, having a vacation or a weekend break where money is no object, is a great idea. Perhaps you’ve had that bonus from work, a good week at the bingo or perhaps you just want to blow some of your savings and have an amazing break. One of the best cities to do just this is Paris, a city filled with luxury and high class experiences which you’ll never forget. If this sounds like your cup of tea, its time to book your flight and get yourself a private car to enter Paris in style. Another great alternative for transportation would be to take advantage of the Best Bus Tours in Paris. This way you can make sure to visit all your points of interest and indulge in some of these classy activities.

Seine at Night

The river Seine is like an artery which flows through the heart of Paris and taking a river boat is an amazing experience as you pass by all of the iconic Parisian landmarks. If you really want to do this in style, head down on an evening and enjoy a meal aboard one of these river boats. More often than not the order of the day is Champagne and oysters, all enjoyed as you slowly float through the city under moonlight.

Go Shopping

There are few cities in the world which can offer so much for people on the hunt for some retail therapy. Paris is all about fashion and throughout the city, especially near the Champs Elysees, you will find some high end boutiques as well as the stress of some of the world’s finest designers. What blow out would be complete without slashing the cash on some classy clothing.

Fine Art

It would be criminal on your luxury break not to go and see some of the world’s finest and most expensive pieces of art. With this in mind then you should definitely add a visit to the Louvre museum to your itinerary. The Louvre found fame thanks to the fact that it houses arguably the most famous painting in the world, the Mona Lisa, but there is much more to this museum and it features thousands of pieces of fine art.

Go Three Star

France, and Paris in particular are really the home of fine dining and there are chefs and restauranteurs all over the world who try to recreate the classy French Bistro feel in their own establishments. In order to experience this kind of dining at its luxurious best, why not head to one of the 10 restaurants in Paris which holds the illustrious honour of having 3 stars awarded by restaurant guide Michelin. For a truly unique dining experience and the finest food in Paris, these are the restaurants which you should look to eat in.


There are some beautiful hotels in Paris where you can spend your time but if you really want to up the style stakes then head to one of the boutique hotels that you’ll find in the city centre. Quaint, cool, quirky and luxurious, these boutique hotels are designed with character and the service is outstanding, if you really want to stay in a classy place, these are the hotels which you ought to stay in.

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