Tips on How to Make Bike Rentals Work for You

Bike rentals are great for adventurous travelers who need to travel short distances for sightseeing when visiting a particular city or town. They are affordable, fun, and they offer a way for you to stay fit during your travels. Bikes make great options in cities where public transportation system is inconvenient, and the roads are congested. So, when traveling, take the time to find a bike rental service that will meet your specific needs and preferences. Below are some of the essential tips you need to take into account.

1. Make Arrangements in Advance

Before your trip, call the bike rental service early enough to make arrangements. Unlike car rentals, you can’t make all the arrangements online. You can make an online bike reservation if you visit Plus, most rental companies have limited number of bikes, so availability may not be a guarantee on the day you go to hire one.

If you’re going to book one, some shops will need your credit card to complete the booking. Others will just need your phone number and name. Typically, making early arrangements helps if there’s a specific type of bike you want. For example, if you’re planning to engage in mountain biking during high seasons, booking early helps to get the right bike.

2. Ensure the Bike Is In Good Condition

When biking with friends, you don’t want to lag behind due to bike problems. If you’re going to participate in extreme sports, the condition of the bike really matters. Trails will be more fun, and you’ll stay safe if the bike is well-maintained and of high quality. Ensure to find out how the company deals with repairs and the kind of parts they use for replacements.

Rental bikes are prone to problems because of regular use. Be sure to find one that is not more than a couple of years old. If you notice anything you feel is unsafe, consider letting the company know so they can fix it or give you another bike.

3. Consider Comfort

A comfortable rental bike will certainly give you a great biking experience. In most cases, some travelers usually opt to have their own pedals and saddle. Choosing the right bike size also helps in ensuring comfort. If you don’t know your comfortable size, you can visit a local shop that sells bikes to help you determine the right size.

For those who use clipless pedals, you can carry them with you while traveling and install them on your rental bike. This allows you to make the bike as comfortable as possible by using options you’re already familiar with. You also want to measure your saddle height to determine the right position for you.

4. Always Use a Map

If you’re visiting an unfamiliar destination, it helps to have a map to guide you. Google Maps has made this easy, and you can use it to study the topography of the city or town. It can give you bicycling directions for your trip to the city you wish to visit. The Terrain View gives you more information on the hill conditions. Some rental companies will gladly provide you with a map with a few recommended routes or trails.


Using a rental bike during your travels allows you to get up close with the local charms and experiences. Take the time to find a reputable bike rental company and pick a bike you’re comfortable using. Also, it’s important that you read the company’s policy on late returns, damage or injury. Most companies will require you to read and sign an agreement before renting one of their bikes.

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