How to Stay Focused and Productive on a Business Trip

If you are an entrepreneur or have a dynamic career, you will have many opportunities to travel abroad. In theory, travelling on a business trip seems like fun, you get to meet new people and see the world but in reality, it is not.

During a business trip, you may miss out on having your leisure time and quality sleep. You may become overwhelmed, making it impossible to focus or be productive. To help you stay focused on your next business trip, here are 9 tips to stay focused while travelling.

1. Have a Schedule

The first thing you need when you are going on a business trip is to have a plan. There is nothing worse than leaving an important item behind.

Have a do-to-list for every activity you would be involved in. Before you leave, write down everything you will need in your calendar–your flight schedule, meeting agendas, addresses, and logistic details. It is not enough to have a plan for your business trip, adhere to the schedule, as it will help you accomplish your tasks easily, save time and money, and keep you in check.

2. Understand the Time Zone

Knowing the time zone will help you in organising your schedule. If you are travelling to a different time zone, it is important to understand the time and prepare for it. Time zone changes cause jetlag which disrupts your sleep.

Understanding the direction you are travelling will help you prepare your body for the change by adjusting your sleep time before the trip.

3. Use Your Downtime

Plans often change during a trip. Gaps between meetings, devices with dead batteries, flights without Wi-Fi, and waiting to board a flight can disrupt one’s plans.

Use the time well. Read your notes and go through your schedule to make sure you have missed nothing. You can also seize this opportunity to share documents with your colleagues.

4. Use Technology

Let your devices empower you. Before you go on a business trip, invest in good gadgets that will help ease stress when working. Use the calendar apps to plan your work trip, use communication apps like your email to stay connected with your co-workers. Also, invest in quality headphones, they can block out distractions.

5. Find the Perfect Hotel

Take your time in finding the perfect hotel you will stay in. Make sure the hotel has all the requirements to make your trip comfortable. Also, call the hotel ahead to make sure all your plans are intact.

6. Use Cloud-based Files

With a cloud-based filing system, there is no fear of forgetting your files at home. There’s nothing as convenient and safe as having all your files in one place anytime you need them. Having a cloud-based filing system means you can access your file from anywhere in the world. You can also recall an old version of your document with ease.

7. Give Yourself a Break

Activities, like staying connected with your co-workers in your home-based office, boarding a cramped flight, and navigating tight schedules, can overwhelm you.

You need to rest and unwind. You can read a book, see a movie, meditate, exercise, go on a shopping spree, visit a tourist destination, and sleep.

8. Stay in Contact with Co-workers

You need your phone, laptop and tab to help you connect with your co-workers. Make sure your colleagues know the right time to contact you.

Don’t get overwhelmed juggling tasks between your home-based office and trip. Review any upcoming deadline or pending project before going on a trip.

9. Do not Over-pack

Travelling can drain your energy; as much as possible travel light. Pack only what you will need for your trip.

To avoid forgetting anything important, have a detailed list of everything you will need for the trip. If you are sharing a sample of a product or have a presentation, send the item ahead of you.

A business trip does not have to be stressful. With the tips above, you can stay focused and productive throughout your trip and get great results.


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