Why Whistler BC, Canada is a great place to visit

Whistler is a Canadian town situated north of Vancouver and is well known for its snowy covered mountains which are excellent for skiing or snowboarding.  Like many tourist locations in the world, Whistler has an array of activities and sceneries to take part in and see.  If your idea of a great vacation is being surrounded by mountain scenery and engulfing yourself in a beautiful quaint town, then Whistler might just be for you.  Take a look at some of the things you are able to experience if you take a trip to Whistler:


Home to one of the biggest ski resorts in all of north America, The Blackcomb.  If you love skiing or snowboarding then this place is a must visit for you, at least once in your life.  With everything you need for easy access to slopes such as huge uphill ski-lift, a peak to peak gondola and within touching distance from whistler house rentals, you will spend as little time as possible off the slopes.  The incredible mountains were actually winners in the bid for the 2010 winter Olympics for the alpine skiing events, speaking for itself on how incredible its slopes actually are.  Classes on how to ski or snowboard are always on offer, so by the end of the holiday, even as a beginner, you could be shredding up the slopes without any problems.

Bars, restaurants and nightlife

Due to the popularity of whistler it has a little bit of everything, catering for all kinds of different peoples wants and needs.  If you are looking for a fancy bar or restaurant to take your partner to eat after a long day on the slopes, there are many to be found in the center of whistler.  On the other hand, if you´re vacationing alone or with friends and fancy a dance or to talk and meet new people then check out some of the nightclubs and bars available such as Moejoes and Dubh Linn Gate Irish Pub.  The great thing about Whistler is that you can actually relax and have a gradual and natural evening progression without having to plan anything.  Start with something to eat, move on to a quiet bar and drink a cocktail or two then if you feel like it, carry on to a nightclub.

Experience the scenery

There are a bunch of ways that you can experience the surrounding areas of Whistler and take in some of the unforgettable sceneries.  The terrains in the area vary hugely and depending the terrain of the area you are wanting to explore, you will need to choose the most effective method of doing so, be this by foot, mountain bike, snowmobile or other methods of travel, always choose the most effective, it can get cold if you get stranded at night.  It´s highly recommended to bring a camera because the sights that you will see and without a doubt you will want to share them with people when you get back home.  With some of the methods of traveling mentioned above it´s quite likely that most tourists are not experienced in how to use the method of transport, there are plenty of classes and training lessons to take advantage of in the area so you can feel completely comfortable before setting out and its normally possible to get a guide who is an expert in the terrains and they will be able to show you some incredible things that you may miss if you are travelling with people who don´t know the area.


Whistler village is a great place for shopping, from high class jewelry and clothing to souvenirs for your friends and family back home.  If you feel like treating yourself to a classy dress or suit for the night ahead then in the village is where you will find something to make you look fantastic and fashionable.  On the other hand, if you arrived a little unprepared and on the find yourself a little on the cold side, then you will have no problem finding shops selling excellent thermal jackets that will keep you warm during your stay.  You won’t find anything more magical than doing some shopping in this charming little village.

Take in some history

If you love history and wish to know more about whatever location you visit, Whistler is the home of the whistler public library, Whistler museum and Squamish Lil´wat Cultural Centre.  Taking the opportunity to check out these places will give you a little break from the cold as well as giving you firsthand knowledge and information of the place where you´re staying.  As mentioned before it was home to the alpine ski slopes for the 2010 Winter Olympics so you can head on down to the Olympic Rings statue and snap yourself a picture with a piece of history.

Looking at just some of the activities hopefully you can see exactly why whistler is an excellent place to visit.  If you are planning on going, make sure to pack warm clothes especially if taking a trip there during winter or if you are planning on going up to experience the snow in the mountains.  Remember to get some lessons if you are a first-time skier or snowboarder as the slopes can be particularly steep and in some cases only for professionals or long time experienced skiers and snowboarders.  All in all, if you are planning on visiting Whistler, try and experience all of the above activities rather than focusing only on one.

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