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So you have just finished your college, and looking forward to bagging your dream job. Or maybe you are switching your career and starting afresh. You are hard-working, dedicated and ready to take on the world. You think you have everything you need to be super-successful with your career.

Well, hard work and dedication are important to succeed, granted. But before you think you are all set to face the professional world, just take a pause and ask yourself one question.

Is your wardrobe ready for work?

It may seem like a trivial issue. But as they say, first impression is, and always will be the last impression. How you carry yourself, and how you look, create a psychological imprint of you in the mind of the people you interact with. And that is why a well thought out wardrobe is essential, in order to transform your career into an overwhelming success story.

If you are yet to figure out what all to have in your wardrobe in order to be ready for work while looking good, then here are four things you have to have in order to build the perfect work wardrobe.

1. Shoes

Shoes are one of the most important yet highly overlooked accessories you need to focus on, if you want to create a wardrobe designed to succeed. Check out some of the top selling workboots and get yourself not one, but two pairs of shoes, one black and one brown. Do not wear the same boot two days in a row.

2. Shirts

Start with at least five shirts. Stick to shades of while, blue, black and brown in order to mix and match with your shoes and suits.

3. Ties

Start with four ties. One solid navy and one solid black tie are must. The other two should have simple patterns on them to mix things up.

4. Suits

Just like shoes, you must not repeat your suits on consecutive days. Start with three basic suits, one navy, one grey and one charcoal suit.

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