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Five Books That Will Help Any Man Advance In Their Career

As a young man, I have realized that all the great men in history shared one nature: they loved to read. For instance, Lincoln and Roosevelt were constant readers. Napoleon, too, had a collection of 3,500 books. I chose to follow suit because books, it is evident, have something you can never find anywhere else.

In my young reading endeavor, I have come several books that have significantly changed my life in some way. I relate better to people, I can repair things on my own and I can also understand that men need to read more. Well, today, I decided to present you with a list of five books that I find so informative and which can help any man advance in their career.
Please read on to know them.

The Power Broker, Robert A. Caro

This 1,165-page discusses the life and success of Robert Moses. He is the man behind most of New york’s major modern construction projects. He did all this despite opposition from the mayor, the public and the governor. Though the president might have stopped him, he didn’t: because Moses’ determination was unstoppable!

Titan: The life of John D. Rockefeller Sr., Ren Chernow

Rockefeller was known as a resilient, compassionate, humble and stoic robber baron. His story is inspirational in that he was never carried away by his success. His story inspires men to stay cool-headed even in their success because that makes them even more successful.

Think And Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill

Hill interviews about 40 millionaires before writing this amazing read. He advises [men] that it is not greed and luck that makes one successful. Rather, it is their thought processes plus behavior that determines their success. Imagination, he says, turns mind energy into reality (accomplishment).

As A Man Thinketh, James Allen

This 1902 book still retains the most powerful knowledge that can keep a man on the right track towards succeeding in their careers. Allen explains that it is not taking immediate (impulse) action that determines growth. He explains that it is careful thoughts that shape a man’s personality. The personality determines the man’s actions, then the actions determine the growth.

The Power Of Positive Thinking, Norman Vincent Pearle

This book is interesting in both content and history. When Pearle first published it, theologians and psychologists attacked it, claiming it was heretical. However, today, it is one of the books backed up by science: that an optimistic mind leads to better health, a happier life and better chances of success. In short, Pearle advises men to be positive towards their career because that is the first step towards success in their careers.

I might be young, but, trust me, my knowledge is older than dinosaurs. Books, I repeat, can give you something that nothing else in this world will ever do. In this case, I have provided you with the ones that will help you to advance in your career. Unfortunately, I could only provide five. Read the five and you will be inspired to find more books to read.
Happy reading, fellow men!

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